Chris Gilmour Artworks

Chris has chosen a simple but meaningful material for his work: in first place because corrugated cardboard is usually employed to pack and ship the artist’s work, rather than physically representing the oeuvre itself (the container, in this case, becomes the content). Even more interesting is the gap between the cheap, discarded material and the height of the final output. It’s an elegant operation that goes beyond the usual theme of recycling, and underlines the role of the modern artist as a new ‘artisan virtuoso’, at ease with the industrial material as much as the icons of an industrial culture. The end result is a “fragile perfection”, a sober reflection on our own world, where the value of beauty is too often misunderstood with its price.

(Carlo Muttoni)

The Triumph of Good over Evil

Chris Gilmour is a sculptor who specializes in hyper realistic, life-size objects made solely from cardboard and glue.

Born in the UK in 1973, he studied at the University of the West of England before moving to Northern Italy in 1996. He began working with the gallery Perugi Artecontemporanea in Padua and later with Marco Rossi Gallery in Milan and Freight and Volume in New York, as well as collaborating with other galleries in America and Europe

He has held numerous solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout Europe and America, including the New York Museum of Arts and Design, The San Jose Museum of Art and the Zabludowicz collection in London. His work is to be found in numerous museums and private collections around the world.

In 2006 he won the prestigious Premio Cairo, a prize for young artists organized by Cairo publishing in Italy, and in 2012 he was awarded the Premio Michetti prize.

Chis is currently studying for a PhD in sustainable design at Lancaster University

Based on this reserch, in 2022 Chris Launched Vectar Sets, a company based in Manchetster (UK) making sustainable sets and scenery for FIlm and TV using paper-based materials. So far, the sets have been successfully used by ITV, BBC, Channel 4, STV and RTL, as well as for tv adverts.

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